Monday, 24 November 2014

Bridesmaid Dresses UK

  Hi all!
  Carrying on with wedding theme, let’s talk about bridesmaids dresses this time. There are some rules that go with all dresses – make sure it fits your body type, it is well made and colour suits your skin tone. And there is one rule for bridesmaid’s dresses - it must not overwhelm the bride. If you are the bride – I understand your wish to look the most beautiful in the room, but is it necessary to put your friends into garbage bags and let them look ugly? I believe there should be balance between bride’s and bridesmaid’s dresses.  There is no need to make other girls look ridiculous.

Have a look at the dresses I chose from Milly Bridal Bridesmaid Dresses UK :

I chose these two short simple dresses, which would be perfect for hot summer weddings. It is obviously important if your friends are tall or short, skinny or a bit curvy.
I believe, that first dark blue dress would suite most body types and should be very comfortable, comparing to the next dress. Minty dress probably would be more comfortable for quiet dinner than energized wedding dance session, so keep in mind all these little details while choosing your or your bridesmaid’s dress.
As budget is always important, I am happy to see that Milly Bridal offers wide range of quality dresses that is affordable for everybody.
Here are more elegant dresses that I liked:

If you are a bit conscious of your figure this model could disguise your imperfections and give you that elegant, effortless look. Have a look at other options as well, and let me know your favorites!