Sunday, 16 November 2014

Milly Bridal Wedding Dresses UK

As the wedding season calms down a bit it's time to have a look at the variety of dresses suggested online and pick favorites. As this summer was full of friends' weddings I noticed a huge gap in Lithuania's market for some quality and affordable dresses. As some of them hired personal stylists to sew individual dresses, I noticed how much stress that caused. Some of the dresses were given back at the wedding day! How is that possible? I understand that ordering online might be a tricky and risky thing, but isn't it riskier to get you dress just before you step on the isle? I came across this awesome online store Milly Bridal Wedding Dresses UK, where you will not only be able to choose from big range of dresses, but also they provide satisfaction guarantee, so if dress doesn't fit you can send it back. I believe it is very important to be prepared few months before your wedding day to avoid stress and disappointment. I believe it is very important to check if your dress matches your heels, if it is not too short and so on.

As it is quite popular to publish wedding photos nowadays, I tend to notice some common mistakes when dress doesn’t fit the bride at all. I am not a specialist, so I might have a wrong impression, but here are some mistakes that caught my eye. If you like the dress, it doesn’t mean you are going to look good in it. If your hips are very wide, try to avoid dresses that fit like a glove. You are not going to look like a glove – more like a sausage, that can’t move. If you have wide shoulders try to avoid horizontal necklines, if you have D+ cups try not to drag attention to your breasts (don’t forget you are going to church).
As there are some trends going on, think wisely – are you going to like this dress few years from now? Is it going to look nicely on your wedding pictures? Is it going to be comfortable and you will be able to move? I believe it is better to question everything than just leave it for the last day and regret it later. Ask your friends and family for advice, join forums, have a look online.

Milly Bridal Wedding Dresses UK offers quality and a great value, as wedding dresses normally get very pricey. And for your wedding, you will need quite a lot of money to spend for all little details.
Have a look, and let me know your favorites!